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Fascinating Womanhood’s New Release: My Love: A Romantic Journal

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you lovely ladies!

I am so pleased to feature Dixie Andelin Forsyth and the release of her new book “My Love: A Romantic Journal” today. I cannot wait to receive my copy in the mail soon.

Welcome Dixie, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our last interview!  I have now had the pleasure of  reading most of the Fascinating Womanhood books and I am a huge fan of the principles detailed in your book Timeless. It is so exciting to hear that you are about to release a new title in the Fascinating Womanhood collection entitled “My Love Journal.” Could you tell us what it is about?

Thank you so much for your kind support! We are very excited to be introducing “My Love: A Romantic

Fascinating Womanhood
The cover of My Love: A Romantic Journal

Many women have asked me  over the years for a way to keep track of their husbands’ best qualities; everything from what gifts he likes, his clothing sizes, his favorite places to eat, his favorite meals, things you admire about him, times he was an amazing Dad, favorite date spots, how he proposed…etc. 

You can even feel free to glue in a little envelope to keep track of tickets to a special concert, a lock of his hair, or anything that you’d like to save as a memento of your love for each other. It is a personal journal that will help you remember to treasure hunt for the best qualities of your man in a fun and discreet way (I say discreet because it is 5×7 and easy to sneak in your purse!).

The journal is designed to be filled up over and over if you wish, meaning once you fill up your first journal, you can buy another to fill up. We plan to produce several journals, each with a different cover so you can collect them throughout your love, romantic marriage.

A marriage with constant appreciation and gratitude absolutely contributes to a lifelong love.

Dixie Andelin Forsyth

The covers that are yet to come will include styles more tailored for newlywed couples, senior couples, couples that are dating….etc. “My Love Journal” is also perfect for handing down to your children, grandchildren, and so on for generations. How I wish I had a set of these from any of my ancestors from long ago. What a legacy!

A page from “My Love Journal”

 How can “My Love Journal” help us improve the quality of our marriage? Are our husbands allowed to look at it?

In my book, Fascinating Womanhood for the Timeless Woman, I discuss the importance of looking for the best things about him daily because it will solidify your admiration and appreciation of him constantly. A marriage with constant appreciation and gratitude absolutely contributes to a lifelong love. The “Love Journal” is the perfect tool to make appreciation and admiration happen consistently.

One of the best things about “My Love Journal” is that, though your husband may not even know you have it or what it’s for, if he does find it, all the better! There is a page in the beginning that is a note to him essentially saying that if he finds it, you want him to know that every word is true; this is how you really feel about him and how much you appreciate and love him. You’ll almost wish he would find it, especially as it fills up.

Fascinating Womanhood’s Youtube channel is an invaluable resource.

What would you say is the number one principle out of all the Fascinating Womanhood teachings that we must especially keep in mind in 2021?

Acceptance. Accepting him at face value as well as accepting everyone for who they are. All of us want to be accepted and loved for who we are now, flaws and all. That doesn’t mean of course, that we don’t all need to grow and improve. It means that we realize we can only change ourselves and concentrate more on ourselves and our improvement rather than on improving someone else. No one wants to be someone else’s project!

We are going through challenging times, perhaps some of the most difficult times we have ever been through. It’s easy to focus on the flaws in others, which is a slippery slope into a selfish mindset. Accepting others and focusing on ourselves is a necessity in our current society.

Very well said. Do you have any ideas for making Valentine’s Day special when most of us are in partial or total lockdown?

My heart goes out to the couples out there struggling in lockdown, especially those with small children. For Bob and I, the most romantic times we have is anything that we are doing together, and alone. When our kids were little and we couldn’t afford sitters, we would have our dates in the bedroom after they were down; sometimes I made us a special picnic and took it in the bedroom, and we’d have “dinner and a movie” together.

Even with a nursing baby, you can still steal small romantic moments with one another if you are committed to being flexible. We stick to our motto: “whatever we do together and alone is great and romantic.” 

We probably won’t go out to dinner this year due to masking mandates and so forth…but I will certainly make the day special with a personal card for Bob, a small gift and probably a delicious homemade dinner!

I definitely recommend women getting creative; maybe try to make a homemade Valentine card! You’ll want to keep it far longer than a purchased one no matter if it’s not as well done.

Those are some great ideas! When is the online Fascinating Womanhood course coming out? I would love to join.

A page from “My Love Journal”

Thank you for asking! I currently have a course available on my website for the Vintage edition of Fascinating Womanhood. This course goes hand in hand with the Vintage book as well as the Vintage workbook. We are thrilled to announce that we have completed the script for the “Timeless” course which is much more extensive and time-consuming to film, but also more comprehensive and detailed.  

We are also in the midst of purchasing professional equipment to enhance the value and students’ experience. Our goal is to have the classes filmed by the end of Summer, out for purchase in the Fall of 2021.

Looking forward to the course and filling out my very own Love Journal! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading all about “My Love Journal” and that it inspires you to maintain the romance in your marriage.

May the magic of this Valentine’s Day follow you the rest of the year!

With Love,

Mrs. Hannover

P.S. Something tells me you’d love to read “The Not-So Desperate Husbands” where I interview Dixie’s husband Dr. Robert Forsyth, among others.

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