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Top 5 Feminine & Playful Winter Must-Haves

Welcome back, ladies!

Looking feminine when the temperature drops can be quite the challenge. Many of you have mentioned that this is quite difficult to achieve. I believe that accessories make the outfit and with one (or all!) of the following items at hand, you will no doubt look feminine and alluring.

1. Ear Muffs

I’ve been wearing ear muffs for as long as I can remember – they have always my favorite winter accessory.

Perhaps they’re not for everyone, but they do a great job of keeping your ears warm while making you look playful, feminine, and adorable!

They can also look quite sophisticated too (see Myka Meier below).

2. Shearling Coat

Ever since watching Nancy Meyers’ The Holiday, I’ve been obsessed with Cameron Diaz’s winter ensembles, especially her coats! Shearling coats can be pricey but there’s always the option of buying second-hand at websites such as Vestiaire Collective (I’ve found some real bargains there).

A timeless, classic, and practical choice for any feminine lady!

feminine winter

3. Hand Muff

Now this one is quite unusual, I agree. However, this can really make you stand out in the best possible way. It adds a certain old-fashioned and romantic elegance that is rarely seen nowadays. You can find these at vintage shops or second-hand websites.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “In the 17th century they were used by both men and women. In the 19th century, however, muffs were considered an essential accessory only for feminine dress and ranged from large down muffs to small fur or velvet ones matching the trim on a woman’s dress.”

feminine winter
Princess Diana rocking the hand muff.

I urge you to be daring and wear one, even if you’re just going for a walk around your neighborhood. No need to save it for a special occasion!

4. Velvet Dress

I have several velvet dresses that I absolutely love to wear in the winter. I also have a green velvet blazer that’s been in my collection for over 15 years. They never go out of style!

For my sister’s wedding a few years ago I tried on an emerald green velvet gown and when the sales assistant said I looked like Scarlett O’Hara, I was sold. Velvet is sensuous, sumptuous, and very feminine. It makes me feel like I’m the heroine of my own life.

feminine winter
Scarlett O’Hara: queen of the velvet dress.

5. Anything That Sparkles

Now is the time to wear sparkly details, costume jewelry, anything that adds a bit of joy. Think of a snowflake, clean, pure, and sparkly.

Any winter accessory will look more feminine and playful with some little jewel, sequin, pearl… you get the idea. Have a bit fun and don’t worry about looking different. Embrace a bit of sparkle in the winter time.

Further Resources on Feminine Winter Fashion:

  • Watch the movie The Holiday – Cameron Diaz’s outfits and coats are to die for.
  • For an excellent and detailed article from a man’s point of view titled “5 Winter Fashions Men Like” click here.
  • Fascinating Womanhood‘s Dixie Andelin Forsyth and Cherry Lynn offer comprehensive tips on feminine winter fashion in the video below.


xoxo, Mrs. Hannover

P.S. Stay warm, stay feminine!


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