5 Things Homemakers Should Never Do

Dear Ladies,

Are you new to homemaking and in need of some advice? Already a pro? Either way, I think It’s easy to fall into the following traps if you’re not careful.

In order to make your home life as pleasant and satisfying as possible here are five things to avoid:

1. Don’t Apologize

There’s really no need to apologize or justify your decision to become a homemaker. Whether to a family member, a friend, or a stranger, you do not need to apologetically say I’m “just” a homemaker/housewife/stay-at-home mom.

You do need to constantly remind yourself that you are doing a very important job of raising your children, taking care of your husband, and creating a lovely home.

2. Don’t Become a Perfectionist

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It’s hard not to let the desire to be the perfect wife, mother, hostess, cook, baker, (insert what you will here) take over. Maybe this happens to those of us who do not have children yet, but perfectionism is really the enemy of everything that is good.

Don’t punish yourself if you didn’t get everything done on your to-do list. You’re human after all and not a robot.

3. Don’t Put Yourself Last

Take some time for a little self-care. You will feel better, be in a better mood, and be more agreeable with those around you. It’s a win-win!

Don’t feel guilty for taking some time out to get your hair done, a bubble bath or a massage. It’s an investment in your health – both physical and mental.

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4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Homemakers

In this day and age, it’s all too easy to compare yourself to other homemakers on social media. They look so perfectly groomed and their homes are beautiful. Please remember that you are seeing a curated video that took hours to film and edit.

They took special care of their appearance with extra makeup and good lighting etc. I highly doubt what you see in these glossy images is their day-to-day reality.

We all have bad hair days… just saying.

5. Don’t Get Too Obsessed with Homemaking

There is a trap many of us fall into and that is that we become so proud of our homemaking skills that we begin to neglect our husbands and/or children.

There is a story in Fascinating Womanhood about a woman who was so in love with her home that she forgot all about her husband. Eventually he leaves her and she weeps – not because of his departure but because he had scratched her perfect hard-wood floors on his way out.

Don’t be that woman!

I hope you enjoyed reading this short little list and it helps you be a little gentler with yourself during these trying times.

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!


Mrs. Hannover

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