Top Ten Feminine Youtubers

Ladies, I thought I would share my top ten feminine Youtubers with you today. These are women who inspire me with their unique and beautiful content.

Without further ado, here are my top ten feminine Youtubers! (In no particular order).

1. Cynthia Loewen

Cynthia seeks to encourage feminine homemakers all over the world and spread what she calls the femininity revolution. She uses her own experience from her modeling days (former Miss Earth Canada) and her current lifestyle as a homemaker to create valuable content. Cynthia is articulate, fun, and her videos are always well-researched and thought-provoking.

(She has the most adorable dogs, too!)

2. The Daily Connoisseur

Jennifer L. Scott’s popular channel is a delightful window into her world. Her videos are quite varied but most relate to her desire to live a beautiful and sophisticated life despite the inevitable daily challenges most of us face. I particularly enjoy her homemaker’s series and her vlogs.

3. Fascinating Womanhood

I am quite a newbie when it comes to Fascinating Womanhood but I am absolutely in love with their content. I have now read both the new “Timeless” version of the book and the original vintage edition and am currently going through the corresponding workbooks.

Their ( Dixie Andelin Forsyth and her daughter Cherry Lynn) Youtube channel is truly a gift as it goes into a lot of detail regarding the various principles F.W. espouses. In order to truly get the most out of this channel I would suggest reading at least one of their books first.

4. That Feminine Housewife

Ina is a feminine homemaker from Norway. Her artistic and unique videos focus on the challenges most homemakers face in today’s society. Some of her content takes a more scientific approach to aspects of femininity. Her second channel “Feminine Finance” is also a great resource.

5. Inspired by Nikki

Nikki makes absolutely gorgeous and romantic videos on homemaking, peaceful living, and grooming (among others). Watching her content, you feel transported to an ethereal world – truly inspired! Her motto is to “make the everyday beautiful” and she certainly accomplishes this while showing others how it can be done.

6. Kathryn Morgan

I discovered Kathryn’s channel five years ago. After reading Mari Kondo’s famous book, I realized that ballet sparked the most “joy” for me and so I started doing Ballet Beautiful and watching all of Kathryn’s videos.

I was truly inspired by her unashamedly girly style. The way she dressed, did her makeup, the clothes and jewelry she wore gave me permission to be more girly and true to my real style. Up until then, I had been fighting against my naturally girly side and trying to wear more sensible and serious clothes and accessories.

Apart from being an incredible dancer, Kathryn has overcome many setbacks in her life and is truly an inspiration in many ways.

7. School of Affluence – (Anna Bey)

Anna Bey is quite a controversial figure as she became famous for telling women how to “bag the billionaire.” However, I have noticed that she is turning away from that and focusing more on style, manners, and femininity.

Her Youtube content is always improving and she now has the qualifications to teach manners and personal styling.

8. Mrs. Midwest

Mrs. Midwest has a huge following and for good reason. She regularly posts encouraging and helpful videos for the feminine homemaker (or aspiring homemaker). I find it refreshing that she does not want to do any sponsored posts or interviews and always affirms that her husband and home are her number one priority.

She lives counter-culturally in many ways, speaks her mind, and seems to be very grounded. If you’re looking to simplify your life and not care what other people think of you, I encourage you to watch her content.

9. Melissa 55

Melissa is a beautiful over 65 Youtuber who is truly inspiring! I love her beauty philosophy and I think we all wish we looked like her at any age! She started her channel because she was angry at the big beauty companies hiring 20 year old models for anti-aging cream campaigns.

10. Christine McConnell

A cross between Martha Stewart and Tim Burton, Christine’s channel is truly one of a kind. I am always inspired by her style and the fact that she makes her own clothes and creates all sorts of amazing projects on her own (and is self-taught!).

Christine had her own show on Netflix called “The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” and has also published a cookbook.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite feminine Youtubers and you check out their content. Who is your favorite feminine Youtuber?

Let me know!

xoxo, Mrs. Hannover

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  1. May I also suggest Freddy Cousin-Brown (“Freddy My Love”)? She is an
    absolutely lovely, classy and poised young woman from the UK who creates beautiful content.
    She loves a very girly, light pink and white color theme, which may not appeal to the more mature lady. But I find her a fabulous source of inspiration for young girls and women who want to learn about feminine fashion style, etiquette, manners, refined speech, being well organized etc. from an early age on.

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