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Myka Meier’s Duchess Effect

Who is Myka Meier and what is “The Duchess Effect,” you ask? Well, did you ever dream of having the style, grace, and poise of the Duchess of Cambridge? How about the finesse and sophistication of the Duchess of Sussex?

If you’re wondering whether you too can achieve such elegance and charm read on to find out!

Myka the Great

Ms. Myka Meier is the bubbly and charming etiquette queen of America. She single-handedly transformed the notion of etiquette as a stuffy and old-fashioned subject into the popular and fresh topic it is today. Founder of the Plaza Hotel Finishing School, Ms. Meier has recently published Modern Etiquette Made Easy (which sold out in 24 hours).

Don’t fake it until you make it, practice it until you become it.

Myka Meier

In addition, Ms. Meier has impeccable credentials having studied with Diana Mather (The English Manner) and Alexandra Messervy, FRSA (formerly of the Royal Household of Her Majesty The Queen). Additionally, Ms. Meier attended the last surviving Swiss finishing school (Institut Villa Pierrefeu).

The Duchess Effect Online Webinar

Myka Meier
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Ms. Meier is now offering a very affordable online mini version of her signature course, “The Duchess Effect.” Normally, this course would take place at the Plaza Hotel with a duration of about four hours.

“The Duchess Effect” covers the following:

  • Dining and Afternoon Tea Etiquette
  • Royal Fashion and Grooming Tips
  • Royal Etiquette Hacks
  • Posture and Deportment: Learn royal sitting positions
  • How to have the style and grace of a Duchess

Obviously, it is a challenge to cram a four hour class into a one hour webinar. However, Myka Meier and her business partner Anne Chertoff do an excellent job of covering all of these topics in a very clear and straightforward manner.

My Experience

I attended the first “Duchess Effect” webinar offered, which was live with a Q&A after the one hour course. The course currently offered is not live but a pre-recorded one. (I have noticed the price has been lowered accordingly).

Overall, I found the webinar to be the perfect companion to Modern Etiquette Made Easy. While most of the information in the webinar is in her book, there were a few extras that I enjoyed learning about.

Myka Meier’s new Youtube channel is a great resource! .

Jewelry Etiquette

One of the things not mentioned in the book are the brands both duchesses use for hair products, makeup, handbags, clothing etc. There is also particular attention paid to jewelry etiquette – in much more detail than in Modern Etiquette Made Easy.

For example, the first time a woman should wear a tiara is on her wedding day (unless she is a royal princess by birth). Incidentally, I loved discovering jewelry designer Andrew Prince’s absolutely gorgeous pieces. (He created the jewelry worn in Downton Abbey.)

Myka Meier recommends this nifty travel accessory during the webinar. I LOVE it! It’s perfect for travel and I also use it to store watches.

Sitting like a Duchess

Ms. Meier also explains in great detail the various “acceptable” sitting positions, such as her famous “duchess slant ” and “Cambridge cross.” These sitting positions are talked about in the book and you can find lots of videos and articles on them. What made the webinar stand out was that she tells you which positions suit which body type ( hint: the Sussex slant is the hardest pose and easier for long-legged ladies).


In conclusion, it is so wonderful that Beaumont Etiquette is offering “The Duchess Effect” online at a very affordable price. The course gives you a very clear and concise overview of the main rules you would need to follow if you were a member of the royal family.

In addition, it is the perfect companion to her new book and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Ms. Myka Meier, being a bit of an etiquette junkie (is that a thing?) myself.

Do check out their website as there are free webinars offered and new courses added each week!

Remember, keep calm and act like a duchess!

xoxo, Mrs. Hannover

P.S. For the “etiquette junkies” out there, what are your favorite etiquette books? I love finding new titles. 🙂

p.p.s. Thank you so much for reading this far! Something tells me you might be interested in reading my review of the English Manner Online Learning Program.

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