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A Glamorous Christmas with the Marvelous Mrs. McCartney

The marvelous Mrs. McCartney with her Maltese Shih Tzu, Bella.

Ladies, we are so delighted to introduce you to the Marvelous Mrs. McCartney – hostess and decorator extraordinaire!

Welcome, Mrs. McCartney, to The Not-so Desperate Housewives community! We are so pleased you could join us. We love your Instagram account– it is so inspiring and glamorous. What prompted you to create the Marvelous Mrs. McCartney account?

Thank you so much for featuring me on The Not-So Desperate Housewives! I am so excited and happy to share with you some of my passions! I began “the marvelous Mrs. McCartney” Instagram account because I wanted to express my love of decorating and fashion to a like-minded community.

Mrs. McCartney’s gorgeous Christmas table.

I was over the moon when asked to be an influencer for “liketoknowit.” This was a dream for me, as I love shopping for fashion and home – now I can do it for you all in Insta-land! It is second nature for me to curate outfits, home decor, table settings, etc.!

I love every minute. Give me a theme and I’m on it! When decorating, it is always so fulfilling for me to choose the wall colors, wallpapers, textures, and patterns for each room and watch as it all comes to fruition.

How fabulous and fun it is to shop for just the right finishing touches to make a room, an outfit, or table make a splash! Collecting goodies from my own home, some of which have been inherited from my family is a lovely way to incorporate old and new when decorating! I also love hunting in antique stores, consignment shops, and estate sales – one can truly find one-of-a-kind, interesting items such as pillows, plates, glasses, silver, fabulous vintage pieces, and antiques.

Mrs. McCartney with Tina of “The Enchanted Home.”

Instagram has been a constant daily source of glorious inspiration for decor, fashion, and parties. There are so many gifted decorators and tastemakers, especially my dear sweet friend Tom Samet, and Tina of “The Enchanted Home.” There are numerous other influencers I’ve followed over the years who thrill me with their blissful and inspiring posts!

In this Instagram world of like-minded, talented, and creative people, I have garnered friendships that I now treasure. Instead of sitting down with magazines, we all curl up with our phones and scroll away for endless inspiration.

What would you say are the qualities that make you such a great hostess?

I love to make our guests feel fussed over and at home. To set the mood, light the fire, light the candles, have the music playing softly in the background, and always keep the cocktails and conversation flowing!

Mrs. McCartney’s festive table.

Please tell us about your favorite Christmas traditions!

Christmas conjures up sweet memories and traditions. I have all of the ornaments Caroline has made since she was a very little girl that we display and enjoy year after year. I also have many Christmas decorations that I grew up with. What a joy it is to open up these boxes year after year and all of the memories come flooding back from my childhood.

Candy canes in a crystal glasses add a touch of whimsy.

I hope that Caroline feels the same way when she sees all of these beautiful objects and pretty intricate Christmas creations. Christmas holds a very warm place in our hearts. We love to sit by the fire, bake, and decorate cookies from an old recipe that my aunt has passed down to all of my siblings.

I have fond memories of baking all afternoon at my grandmother’s home. We also like to visit church and admire their manger and light candles for all the blessings while saying prayers for our loved ones. We love to drive around our beautiful neighborhood and take in all of the joy of Christmas lights.

Bella relaxes by the Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve has always been spent at my in-laws where everyone is in full party mode! Glasses clinking, Christmas tunes playing in the background, and everyone thrilled to be celebrating all together. Christmas Day, we all wake up in our home, exchange presents by the tree, and have a beautiful breakfast.

It is sheer bliss to see my entire family and it’s an important time to reflect on how very blessed we are to have our health and our families.

Marvelous Mrs. McCartney
Mr. & Mrs. McCartney.

marvelous Mrs. McCartney
Mrs. McCartney’s glorious Christmas tree.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Mrs. Hannover

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  1. Just saw this beautiful Christmas from your eyes. You are adorable.
    Want to see how Caroline has grown up
    Love Jeanne

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