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School of Affluence Review Part III

Welcome ladies, to our third and final part of Anna Bey’s School of Affluence Review.

In our School of Affluence Review Part I, we explained the concept and structure of the course, in our School of Affluence Review Part II we delved into what each module in the 7-step formula entailed, and in Part III we offer you some final points to consider and whether or not we think this course is for you.

We think you should enroll if you….

  • have watched most of Anna Bey’s videos on Youtube and love her style, her voice, and (most of) her advice.
  • feel like you don’t have enough motivation to make positive changes in your life.
  • want to “level- up” but have no idea how or where to begin.
  • are married/attached and feel like you have started to let yourself go a little.

Perhaps you shouldn’t enroll if you…

  • do not like Anna Bey’s videos or sense of fashion.
  • have a very definite style and do not want to make any changes to your appearance.
  • are generally satisfied with all aspects of your life.
  • think women should not place too much emphasis on appearance or behavior.

Other points to consider:

Cost: The course at the time of writing costs 349 USD. This is a considerable amount for the average person, taking into account that it does not include any personalized attention. There is a comment section under each video but Anna is not present and the moderator does not reply to every comment. However, the true value of the course, in our opinion, lies in its ability to impact your life. If you finally get the motivation to change your reality for the better (be it by exercising more, improving your diet, dressing better (choosing quality over quantity), and becoming a more refined and well-mannered person, then the price of the course is relatively little.

Updated version: On the School of Affluence website it states:” The course payment is currently set to $349. Please be aware as this is only an introductory offer that is bound to increase in the next month as we will be updating the course. Don’t miss this offer! You will get access to the current version of the course and the new version when it’s out!” We purchased the course in October and the update has not yet happened. We believe the update will take place (and is not some marketing trick), as Anna Bey’s current videos on Youtube are of a very high quality in terms of lighting, decor etc. and the videos in the course appear a bit amateurish in comparison.

Anna is fond of saying “Transformation never stops” and we think this motto will also apply to School of Affluence and her own brand.

Mini courses: At the end of the course, Anna mentions that she will offer shorter courses on each of the subjects. We think this is a great idea because some people are only interested in the fashion and styling module and do not need the dating/relocating module or vice versa.


Q: Would it be appropriate for a married lady?

A: Of course! This is a platform dedicated to fabulous homemakers, among other topics, so we wouldn’t have reviewed the School if we did not think it had the potential to improve the lives of married women as well. Sure, the dating and relocating module will not apply to you, but you can still benefit tremendously from about 85% of the course.

Q: Can a woman with kids have this type of lifestyle? Dating affluent men when you have a kid?

A: Anna does not address this directly but we think if you are a single mom, you should be allowed to date responsibly, while remaining an attentive mother.

A little suggestion for Anna

Anna, if you’re reading this, we would love it if you would focus more on styling, fashion, etiquette, and femininity. We know you gained notoriety by teaching women to “bag the billionaire” but now that you’ve made a name for yourself and have an incredibly successful Youtube channel, why not cater to a larger audience of women, some of which are put off by the dating advice solely focused on rich men. Why not help any woman, from any background, whether single or married, feel affluent and sophisticated?

What did you think of our School of Affluence Review? Did it help you decide if the course is for you?

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  1. Good review but I actually would say “the introductory offer” is false. It has been stated forever and she has never updated anything but the price, that’s been doubled (for the same old content that was pricey to begin with). But I hope it will come updates eventually, since she likes the law of attraction she should understand that if she puts all her energy on Youtube and people that doesn’t pay anything, that’s the only thing she will end up with. With good reason.

  2. Thank you, Carrie, for your comment! I did not know that had been stated for ages. I have noticed that she is hiring more people through Instagram so I assumed this was due to the updating of the course among other things. I guess only time will tell. Thanks for sharing though.

  3. This review is really helpful–thank you! How long do you get access to the courses/videos/materials? Lifetime or is it a specific period with an expiration?

    1. Hi bb, I don’t know if you can access a private facebook group without having a FB account. You could try contacting the School of Affluence team, they might know a way around that. Best of luck!

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