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School of Affluence Review Part II

Welcome back, ladies! In part two of our School of Affluence Review we will discuss what each step, in the 7-step course, entails.

(IMPORTANT: The course has closed its doors to new students. To read reviews of other available online courses on etiquette, poise, and self-improvement CLICK HERE)

Step 1 – Do what the Rich People Do

This module is designed to really hone in on what you want out of your life and exactly what a luxury lifestyle, or as Anna calls it, “levelling-up,” means to you.

Anna tells us not to be afraid of change. It is necessary to “shed your old skin and grow a new, more sophisticated one.”

We like the fact she admits that for some, the emotional is more important than the material. She wants women to get clear on exactly what will make them happy.

She urges viewers to “align their vibration to the rich,” meaning moving to a more affluent neighborhood (if you can afford it), attending classier events, and taking up more sophisticated hobbies etc.

“Our transformation should never stop, because like this, you will always be on top of your game. ”

Step 2 – Improve your Personal Presence

In the second module, Anna stresses that some women focus solely on their looks yet neglect to work on their behavior and manners which are equally, if not more, important.

She then covers various topics in detail such as:

Manners & Etiquette: (worth noting that she is now certified in International Etiquette and Protocol but was not yet at the time the course was made.) The information provided about this topic is accurate, however.

Elegant Body Language: How one should walk, sit, stand, and carry oneself correctly.  She suggests filming yourself to get a sense of how you walk, how you sit down, the way you carry yourself, your tone of voice, etc.

The Art of Classy Conversation: Having an elegant way of speaking. What topics to avoid and which are always a safe bet.

Confidence: Several e-books by famous authors included.

This module also includes her e-book “How to be Classy,” which exceeded our expectations. (If you would like us to review her book, please leave us a coment below.)

This is also where she introduces the concept of “personal branding.” At first, we objected to this idea (we are not a product, but a complex human being, thank you very much!) But when we listened further it made sense to decide on an image you want to project and make sure that everything (from the clothes you wear, to your language, the company you keep etc.) aligns with that image.

“You can CREATE a beautiful canvas, you CAN create a nice overall appearance, you are the creator of YOURSELF.”

Step 3 – Develop an Affluent Image

In this module, Anna goes into much more detail about “personal branding” (she says her background is in marketing so this starts to make more sense).

What really impacted us in this module is just how motivational she can be. She has a very direct, no-nonsense, no-excuses, style that is incredibly inspiring. She is very honest about her past and experiences. It really feels as if she’s talking to an old friend, sharing her successses and failures and not being ashamed of them. She does seem to genuinely care about the women she will impact.

This module is the “makeover” module so topics such as style, grooming, clothing, diet, and exercise are discussed using powerpoint presentations (which are also available as pdfs).

We were surpised when Anna advocated a more conservative style of dress, stressing that this will not make you look boring or less attractive to men. We wholeheartedly agree! Using examples, she illustrates how you can make a simple outfit look more attractive and feminine with some clever tips. She seems to have a knack for this topic and we thoroughly enjoyed this module. (UPDATE: She is now a Certified Image Consultant).

Step 4  – Make Friends with the Elite

We have to say that when Anna mentioned the term “social climbing” we were immediately turned off. She addresses that by saying “Don’t be put off by the word “social climbing,” this word was invented by snobs shaming you to believe you’re not good enough to be part of their elite circle.”

Anna urges viewers to not wait until they’re perfect, or until their ‘levelling-up” is complete to put themselves out there. She says, “even if you’re an introvert you have to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone.”

Another important point is that you have to focus on what you can GIVE not only on what you hope to GET from your new acquaintances. You have to make people feel valued and special in your presence.

She also offers an entire list of ice-breakers and tips on attending social events so you can maximise your attendance and meet new interesting people.

While this module might not apply to you if you are already involved in your community and have a wonderful circle of friends already, we think you could still benefit from some of her tips – you never know, you can always learn something new!

One tip that we had never considered is to arrive early to an event (we believed in being “fashionably late.”) This way, there are not too many people there and it is much easier to strike up a conversation with someone. If you arrive later on, and everyone is in little groups, it is much harder to socialize.

“Don’t be put off by the word “social climbing,” this word was invented by snobs shaming you to believe you’re not good enough to be part of their elite circle.”

Step 5 – Date the Elite

This is where it gets rather controversial. We really do not agree with a lot of what she discusses in this module.

In the workbook Anna states: “Some women are already in a relationship/married, and it’s not a must to exchange your partner to someone more high-caliber.” We cannot believe that some women would consider ending their marriage or long-term relationship just so they can “level-up”? Coincidentally, Anna published a video yesterday on this very topic, as apparently this is a question she receives on a regular basis!

We understand that some women want to date more high-caliber men. To be fair, this topic in particular is what makes Anna Bey such a controversial figure. While we do like her emphasis on femininity and personal transformation, this targeting of specific men seems a little too calculating.

That being said, her dating advice in general is solid. She discusses how to act on a date, what to wear, what type of questions to ask etc.  She also urges women not to get too stuck on some “wish list” and to be more flexible with certain qualities that are not so important in the long-term.

Again, being feminine and getting in touch with your femininity and sensuality are discussed in detail.

Step 6 – Successful Strategies 1

Strategies for Relocating: In this module Anna recounts her own relocating story and offers reasons why perhaps you should consider moving to another city or even country. In some cases, she suggests cleaning up your past and having a clean slate in order to create a new persona.

Anna urges us to focus on having a good reputation and cleaning up your social media to make sure your image is cohesive.

There are many tips on “Financial Strategy” which are again, rather controversial. We do not want to judge Anna here, she is entitled to her own opinion. However, we do not share some of her beliefs.

Step 7 Successful Strategies 2

In the last module, Anna goes into more detail regarding “social climbing.” How to follow up with your new acquaintances, nurture your contacts, and the importance of making both female and male friends.

Lastly, she gives more tips in her “Elite Dating Strategies.”

Please continue to Part 3 of our School of Affluence Review where we offer our conclusion.



    1. Dear Collette, unfortunately our request to review “How to be Classy” has been denied. I don’t really understand why as I was not given a reason. (The copyright on the book states that any quoting is strictly forbidden). We will have lots of other reviews on books about manners and self-improvement soon! x

  1. Don’t buy this course. She has informed the community that the course is discontinued but still it’s up for sale.

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